To Act or Not - a logical approach

A simple chart for making a decision when the odds are high and the variables numerous.
Many are wondering, “Should I take action in response to the combined threats of climate crisis, economic instability and peak oil?”
Some would say the question is, “Are the threats even real?”  
These are not questions that we can answer using the tools of logic that most of us are familiar with because the variables are too numerous and/or complicated and we don’t have access to enough information about them anyway.  
In fact, it’s possible that the overall situation has become so complex that no one has access to enough information to know what to do but we do know that constant growth is impossible in a finite system and the Earth is a finite system.
FORTUNATELY, there is a simple tool to use in situations like this.  It is a matrix chart with two columns and two rows.
Draw a chart for yourself and fill in the squares.  
Imagine how it feels to be prepared and have no Disaster and 
Imagine how it feels to not prepare and have the worst happen.
Don’t forget to include others in your imagining of the “What if’s?” 
You’re not in this alone.  Good or bad, this is a community process.

And here is a video that explains it in detail:

Though I don’t agree with the title, I think it’s one of the most helpful videos I’ve seen.

In this extremely brief summary I can’t do more than pique your interest to look into this further.  This is of course not even the tip of the iceberg.  It is more like the glint on the shine on the point of the tip of the iceberg but keep looking and thinking and wondering. 

And, “Yes”, when the odds are high, it is better to prepare.